About Us.

Crystal Myths International was first established in 1983 as a single entity company and in the year 2000 was re-established as a limited liability company to its current status. In 2004 we established our first branch at the center of the jewllery hub in Hatton Garden London, Great Britain. 

The Goal of our company is to introduce the world the splender and glamour of Sri-Lankan gems and its brittiant craftsmanship preserving its high quality. 

Crystal Myths is a member of The National British Jewelers Association and The National Gems and Jewellery Association Sri-Lanka.

Meet the Team.

A family run business, serving our clients as family would do…


UKFCG Awarded Advanced Cutter
(CEO/Managing Director)


BA (Hons)

Ethical Sourcing.

We believe that the natural world is as precious as the gems we source therefore we take special care to ensure responsible and ethical sourcing for all of our gemstones and other raw materials. We believe in long-term relationships with our suppliers and that every employee deserves fair pay and ethical treatment. With our roots inherited in Sri-Lanka, most of our gemstones are directly from the source by our own mines. Miners have a share in all the mines we operate. All our precious coloured gemstones are responsibly and ethically sourced with full traceability to the source. We strive to closely track stones from mine to market, aiming to support environmental protection, fair labour practices, and a tight chain of custody to ensure traceability and transparency.



The story of Crystal Myths begins with an ambitious young mans fascination about rocks. Mr. Mathurata right after school was given the opportunity to become a junior lapidarist at a local lapidary. This is where he found out his true passion and skill for his unmatchable lapidary work. He soon stood out amongst the rest of the employees to become the best lapidarist in the country. Following his passion Mr. Mathurata travelled the globe with his expertise to finally set up his own company which is now a very familiar name, Crystal Myths, when it comes to the art of lapidary and is synonymous for its quality standards and exquisite work.